Thursday, October 24th, 2019

Break the Rules

Break the rules, not the law, but break the rules. It is impossible to be a maverick or a true original if you’re too well behaved and don’t want to break the rules. You have to think outside the box. That’s what I believe. After all, what is the point of being on this earth if all you want to do is be liked by everyone and avoid trouble? -Arnold Schwarzenegger



A) On the Minute x 20:

Odd Minutes: 30 Seconds Double Under Practice 

Even Minutes: 3-6 Handstand Push-ups or 6-12 Push Ups 




B) On the Minute x 20:

Odd Minutes: 45 sec Cal Bike or Row

Even Minutes: 12 Sit Ups or 6-12 Push Ups



Due to the unknown nature of the CrossFit Open, we will not be posting Friday and Saturday WOD’s for the next five weeks. There will still be a WOD so come on in and join the fun.



Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Our Fourth Annual Winter Swollstice is upon us. Saturday, December 7th we will hold a friendly in house competition. We will have two divisions, an RX individual division, and a scaled same sex team division. Our goal is to have at least eight scaled teams (8 men teams and 8 women teams) in order to keep a scaled team division. If not we will turn that into a scaled individual division. Masters will be mixed in and will have their separate loading/movements when the time comes. There will be medals this year for the top three athletes and teams.

The price to play will be $40.00. Sign up before October 28th for a guaranteed shirt. We will have shirts this year (no tanks) and sizes will range from XS-XXL for women and S-XXL for men. This will be a fun day for all so don’t miss out!

If you want to participate, these are some of the possible movements you might see.


(go RX if you can do any of these movements)

  • Pull ups (1 or more)
  • Toes to bar (1 or more)
  • Push Ups (1 or more “no knees”)
  • Box Jumps 24/20
  • Squats (Bar/air)
  • DB Movements 50/35
  • Snatch 95+/65+
  • Cleans 135+/95+
  • Jerks 95+/65+
  • Row
  • Run
  • Bike
  • Double Under (1 or more)



(possible movements/loading)

  • Ring Row (1 or more)
  • High Knee (1 or more)
  • Push Ups (1 or more “from knees”)
  • Box Jumps 20″+
  • Squats (Bar/air)
  • DB Movements 25+lbs
  • Snatch 35+lbs
  • Cleans 45+lbs
  • Jerks 55+lbs
  • Row
  • Run
  • Bike
  • Single Unders