CrossFit – Sun, Oct 22

Jute CrossFit – CrossFit


Warm Up (No Measure)

Lunge and Twist Down

Toy Soldiers Back

Golfers Stretch Down

Alt Side Lunge Back

Hurdles Down

Hurdles Reverse Back

Run DnB

Butt Kickers DnB

Side Shuffle DnB

Straight Leg Kicks DnB

TipToe walk DnB

Burn (No Measure)

18 min AMRAP

100 Skip Rope (alt high knee to Skip Rope)

10 Plyo Push Ups (on and off a set of plates)

12 Alt V-ups with weight (5, 10,or 15lb plate)

*Goal: 9+ Rounds

*Push Up Platform: 25’s/45’s

*V-Up weight: 5-15lb plate

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